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Thursday, March 14, 2019

EU accidentally signed off more than £140,000 in funding to promote murder of Jews by Hezbollah

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The EU signed off more than £140,000 in funding to the group behind an annual Al Quds march that promotes support for the terrorist organization Hezbollah and promotes the legitimization of modern anti-Semitism throughout the West.
Every year Muslims in the West celebrate the Al-Quds day march in which thousands of Muslims who represent a religion of peace, take to the streets of London and Berlin. Quds Day was established in 1979 by the Islamic Republic of Iran. But its real purpose is much more sinister. Each year, marchers routinely call for the destruction of Israel, chant “Death to America”, and wave the flags of terror organizations.
This is the flag of Hezbollah, emblazoned with an AK-47.
Quds Day marches threaten the safety of Jewish communities worldwide.
We must not allow terror organizations to march freely through the capitals of European nations.
Hezbollah is an Islamic terrorist organisation, with an antisemitic ideology, an arsenal of missiles pointing at Israel, a history of terror attacks on Jewish targets in the West, and links to organised crime.
The meaning of the name Hezbollah is "the army of Allah".
Al Quds Day march must be banned in the West, Share this post if you agree.
Liberals and leftists in the West use the made up term "Islamophobia" to portray anyone who criticizes Islam as a racist.
Terrorists all over the world carry out terror attacks "in the name of Allah".
They justify their violence by quoting verses from the Quran.
Islamophobia is a made up word created specifically to silence debate.
Liberals and leftists ignore the fact that it is an ideology that has nothing to do with race.

Islamophobia is a neologism created to silence any possible debate about the problems Islamic extremism has got with modernity, with the intention of using the collective post-colonial "guilt" to exempt a particular set of beliefs from scrutiny, analysis and criticism.
It's a buzzword used in an attempt to silence anyone, whenever had legit questions or criticisms about the religion.
It is not a race. It's a religion.
There is an attempt in the West to impose a sharia-blasphemy law to criminalize criticism of Islam.

It started when Saudi Arabia and Muslim countries tried to pass a UN resolution to force Western states to criminalize criticism of Islam.
The Parliament in Canada passed "Motion-103" to condemn the so-called "Islamophobia (Fear of Islam)" in a preparation for a blasphemy law in Canada.
If you think Sharia blasphemy law has no place in the West, share this post!