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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Pakistani Muslim steps on Israeli flag that he drew & calls for genocide against Jews on Twitter

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In a video posted on Twitter, a Pakistani man drew an Israeli flag and hit it with his foot.
The video was posted on Twitter with the following description:
"Israel Jews are a terrorist country
Israel Jews are all worse than a dog or a pig nation in the eyes of Pakistan
All Jewish Israel is a target of Pakistan's nuclear missile Shaheen 3
Pakistan can destroy Israel in 12 minutes
Palestine will now be liberated"
The Twitter account that uploaded this shocking video is named
"Israel Bad Hebrew" and has the following description in its profile:
"#PAKARMY #PAKISTAN #FREEKASHMIR #FREEPALESTINE Holocaust We Pakistan will repeat the Holocaust once again"

Twitter recently made headlines around the world by censoring President Trump. Unfortunately Twitter does not seem to be bothered by this display of anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews.