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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Pat Condell says Islam is a religion of war, not peace - he doesn't give a damn if people are offended

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Watch: In a video that went viral on social media British man says criticism of Islam is legitimate, justified and essential.
Pat Condell is a British writer, polemicist, and former stand-up comedian. As you can see in the video below he is not afraid to break the rules of political correctness.
In the Arab-Muslim world in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran where Sharia is practiced:
– There is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech.
– There is no equality between people (the non-Muslim is not equal to the Muslim).
– There are no equal rights for men and women.
– There is no democracy or a separation between religion and state politics.
Sharia laws permits child marriage, forced marriage, child brides, polygamy, FGM, acid attacks, honor killings, flogging...