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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Human Shield: Muslim mother Drags 3-Month-Old Baby to Violent Gaza Riot "If she gets shot she'll go to heaven"

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A Muslim mother in Gaza is bragging that she is using her baby as a human shield "She will go to heaven if she gets shot."
Maryam Abu Qandil, a three-month-old baby brought to the Gaza "Return March," is the focus of an April 6 report by the Palestinian Authority TV channel. Her mother,
Nasrin Abu Yusuf, said that she is the youngest baby to come to the "Return March," and added that "we shall remain loyal to the wills of the martyrs, which were written in their pure blood." The anchor urged the reporter to get the baby's name "so that the world will know the name of the youngest baby in the Great Return March," and added that bringing a three-month-old baby to the march, "to realize her will to return to her land and her home, despite all the weapons, the snipers, and the tear gas," reflects "eternal love for Palestine and its children."