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Thursday, March 14, 2019

UK: Muslim refugee murders 80-year-old white British woman

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Muslim migrant who strangled an 80-year-old widow in a row over an allotment has been sentenced to a minimum of 19 years in jail.
Rahim Mohammadi killed 80 year old Lea Adri-Soejoko to stop her reporting the assault in February last year at the allotment they shared in Colindale. He was found guilty following a retrial at the Old Bailey. He was sentenced on 30/11/18 to life and will have to spend at least 19 years behind bars.
Mohammadi, who sought political asylum in Britain in 2005, was given indefinite leave to remain in 2010
According to media reports the Iranian migrant strangled 80-year-old with lawnmower cord for fear she would report him for having beaten her.