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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Watch: Moment Hamas terrorist hit by a tank shell after opening fire at Israeli soldiers on the border

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01/21/2019 - BREAKING: Shots were fired at IDF troops guarding Israel’s border with Gaza.
In response, an IDF tank struck a Hamas military post in the northern Gaza Strip. The sniper was killed on the spot.
Pictured (Embedded below): An IDF officer’s helmet after a terrorist in #Gaza shot at him during a riot on Israel’s border fence.
Also pictured: Proof that Hamas sends ARMED terrorists to attack Israelis, while surrounded by civilians and under the guise of “protests.”
The Muslim Terrorists shot at Israeli troops stationed along Israel’s border fence with Gaza several times throughout the day.
In response, IDF fighter jets struck several terror sites in a Hamas military camp in the northern Gaza Strip.
Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organizations, with an antisemitic ideology, an arsenal of missiles pointing at Israel, a history of terror attacks on Jewish targets in the West, and links to organised crime.
Western countries must stop funding the Muslims who call themselves Palestinians.
British Taxpayers Give $220 Million to Fund Islamic terrorism – in other words, the British Government steals $220000000 of taxpayers money to fund The Palestinian Authority which pays salaries to Muslim terrorists who carried out terrorist attacks "in the name of Allah".
The more people they killed the more money they get at the expense of the Australian taxpayers.
The Palestinian Authority is about to lose its terrorism financing from USA, Canada, UK and Australia.
Every year Billions of dollars of American, Canadian, British and Australian taxpayers' money go to the Palestinian Authority.
PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY PAID TERRORISTS NEARLY $350 MILLION IN 2017 , Worth 7% of its budget and an astonishing 50% of its foreign aid receipts.
The Palestinian Authority pays $580 per month to Muslim terrorists who are sentenced to three to five years in prison.
The Palestinian Authority pays terrorists who are sentenced to 20 years or more in prison 2835$ per month – in other words, those who committed more severe crimes and were involved in killing Christians or Jews get five times More money each month for the rest of their lives.
Western countries must stop funding the Palestinian Authority.