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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Watch: Iranian state TV guides child brides how to please their Muslim husbands

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Iran state TV advising domestic abuse victims to 'kiss their husbands' feet' to improve their marriage. In Iran when a husband beats his child bride it is the child's fault. Under Sharia law in Iran a woman must obey her husband or deal with the consequences. This Iranian state TV expert explains how to make your husbend happy: This Farsi or Iranstani "Family counselor/Expert" on Iran's state run TV has a suggestion for child brides on how to change and improve their marital relationships. That is especially if your husband is beating you or if he is does not work. she says : You (women) have to pick a day of in a week in which you bring a jar of water, put some rose petals and sea salt in it, or if you wan to to a magnificent job do it with milk and with that message his foot. Massaging his foot prevents heart attack and stroke, this expert says. After you finish the massage, dry his foot with a towel and kiss his foot, kiss it again and again to show obedience, she says. Then you will see how well he treats you.