Watch: Benjamin Netanyahu named as one of the most admired men by Americans

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is among the men most admired by Americans this year, according to a new poll.
The Israeli Prime Minister placed ninth in the list of most admired men, with one percent of Americans naming him as their first or second choice.
Benjamin Netanyahu posted a video on his Facebook page in which he thanked the American people for the honor they had given him to be one of the most admired men in America.
Former President Barack Hussein Obama, President Donald J. Trump and Pope Francis placed first, second and third.
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The Pro-Palestinian activists refuse to acknowledge the fact that in Israel all people have an equal opportunity to be all that they can be, regardless of gender, national origin, or religion.
The BDS organizations that are trying to impose sanctions against Israel are damaging the peace process in the Middle East, which is supposed to be based on values of love, brotherhood and peace.
For example, Israel could help countries throughout the Middle East to avoid the water crisis that has become an epidemic throughout Asia and Africa.
Due to an aggressive water management programme, the perennially parched land of Israel has transformed into perhaps one of the most well-hydrated country in the world.
The whole world can learn from Israel Water Recycling System.
Everything wrong with the boycott Israel (BDS) movement.
It's the latest push by anti-Israel forces to boycott Israel. It stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, and it's not only is it poisonous for Israel, but for the world as well. Israel is one of the freest countries on earth, where everyone--including Arabs--benefit from that freedom. If Israel continues to be singled out by BDS and suffocated economically, the damage would ripple throughout the globe.
I Peace will come to the Middle East when the Arab states will treat Israel as a friend and not as an enemy.
No one should have to live in fear as they drive home from work or walk home from school.
Israeli mothers shouldn’t have to fear sending their kids off to school. Israeli workers shouldn’t have to fear standing at a bus stop. Israeli children and visitors should be free to feel safe while walking through Jerusalem’s Old City.
The people of Israel have a right to live in peace and security.

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